NOV 12, 2020

Pentire: A refreshingly good non-alcoholic spirit.

by Olly Fawcett

I’d like to preface this text with a bit of clarity: this is not a paid ad. Some products are just so good that they must be written about, and Pentire sits at the top of that bracket.

My introduction to Pentire came at a natural time, I began to run more days than not, and work began to stretch outside of 9-5; and with this, comes an increased need for a drink, and a decreased tolerance for a hangover. Enter Pentire: by far the most refreshing and delicious non-alcoholic spirit that I’ve found.

When we spoke to the founder of Pentire, Alistair Frost, he said “I’ve always lived an outdoor lifestyle and found drinking alcohol was never worth the consequences of missing early mornings in the sea or finding time for daily adventures and exercise which are some of the things we all really love and look forward to in life. 

Creating Pentire was so exciting, initially discovering the plant range that our headlands offer and the flavours they deliver through distillation. After heaps of trial and error we created delicious non-alcoholic spirits which make not drinking far more enjoyable, delicious and exciting.”

Our perfect serve is a a Pentire & tonic in a glass full of ice with a sprig of rosemary or lemon peel. It’s that wind down moment at the end of the day, an evening ritual and a chance to kick back and switch off. Pentire is also super low cal and has no sugar or anything artificial, so it’s pretty guilt free too.’

Pentire does all that and more; I pour a serving of Pentire over a large ice cube, mix in with tonic, and garnish with a sprig of Rosemary. By the time I’m finished it feels as though the rhythm of the room has slowed, and the air temperature dropped. Work slides away. A genuinely delicious drink, incredibly refreshing and all at the price of two calories. 

If alcohol did not exist, then I’d reach for a Pentire every night of the week. But it does, and 80% of adults in the UK drink alcohol. I drink alcohol. On Friday night I will still drink alcohol. You probably drink alcohol. We drink to calm the first date nerves, to be more social, to dance. This is ok, and there’s no need to stop entirely.

I could write you a thesis on the relationship between alcohol and performance, endurance and recovery, but I’ll save you the time.

The more you drink, the harder it is to run.  A glass or two on a Wednesday evening could be the difference between snooze and no snooze in the morning. A good night’s sleep, and a great night’s sleep. A sharp mind and a blurry-around-the-edges one. A useful training run and dead miles. 

We’ve got into a habit of taking Pentire to the track on Fridays for our team sessions, and having a drink after. I’d highly recommend you do the same.