JAN 08, 2021

sore knees #001


I think if I only ran when I wanted to, I'd never run.

What get's us out the door is the understanding of how we'll feel after a few miles. Or at least I think that's it. That's certainly what I'm thinking about as I close the door behind me, on cold, dark mornings when there's a minus before the number on my thermometer.

Not to mention it's definitely true that the cold sucks. My knees hurt. My lungs are fucked for the first few hundred metres. Shortly after that, my arms start feeling like they're swinging weird, and that's because they're cold. There's a reason we let steaks come to room temperature before cooking.

And then after a mile I'm flying, I'm elated and pumped and feeling a million bucks and wondering 'what the fuck was I complaining about?'

So do your damn stretches, have a warm shower before you run, and, importantly; think about the end. Because the beginning, and the middle, generally suck.