A beer with us, from
Lucky Saint.

Our favourite beer is an alcohol free one. Lucky Saint make it. This round is on them.

Lucky Saint are buying this round.

As far as we're concerned, the only alcohol beer comparable to the real thing. Lucky Saints Superior Unfiltered Lager is the only drink we reach for after a race, so when we got in touch with Lucky Saint, we were glad they offered to get the next round.

We'll be sending a Lucky Saint to every runner who'd like one, on the eve of ISORACE III. With a bit of luck (and a bit of love) from the heroes over at Her Majesty's Royal Mail, we'll have these with you in time to get them ice cold before the race.

Carbon offset delivery, and recyclable packaging.

An honest, cold beer; for your honest, hard miles.

Opt-in for a Lucky Saint is now closed.

Lucky Saint Superior Unfiltered Lager - 0.5% ABV

A truly delicious alcohol free beer, that we've long endorsed and consumed. A beer of this quality deserves celebration, and what better way than to celebrate ISORACE III with a Lucky Saint at the end.

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"Eureeka! An alcohol-free beer that tastes of beer - 10/10"


Sorry, you've missed the round!

Stay tuned for next time.

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