Our new and colourful Tyvek™ Self-Adhesive bibs are hot and sticky. Pick a colour, or let us surprise you. Let's go. Dispatched 17th April 2021.

£ 12 GBP

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The story behind this.

Are you a lover of soft but strong paper? Want your bib to be sweatproof, rip-proof, recyclable and fool-proof? Wanna stick it to your wall after the race?

We are all of these things, and this is what led out first adventure into the bib-making world. We decided they 1. Colour is cool and 2. Tyvek™ is cool. Destination reached. Or in fact, not reached, when we discovered there was such a thing as sticky-back Tyvek™. The hunt continued, to find a patient printer with a sense of adventure. Eventually, our buddy RIchard hooked us up and we laid ink onto these sheets.

Tyvek™ Self-Adhesive Bibs.

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