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Put simply, we're doing everything and anything we can to find a new way to race competitively. Twice a year, we host a ten mile footrace, that operates in a similar format to a normal, location-based race. Typically, virtual versions of location-based races have been unsuccessful: it’s hard to push yourself without a crowd. We’re challenging that by incorporating a huge build-up, a synchronised start-time and wearing bibs, amongst a few other strategies. We’re also experimenting with tournaments, having recently created a Wimbledon-style knockout tournament, and we’re hosting a knockout leaderboard in 2021. 


est. 2020

WE WERE BORN FROM A DESIRE TO MOVE, and a need to share the importance of movement.

In April 2020, the world went into lockdown, and in the UK, a certain floppy-haired man was on the TV telling us that if we wanted to leave the house, we must do so in trainers; resulting in an almost one-hundred-percent uptake in running. A good time to be a trainer salesman. A bad time to be a bug on a path.

We'd been running for a while, so we knew the importance of a race in the calendar; the motivation and dedication it brings. A single race can be the start of a lifetime of running, and at the time, races were cancelled beyond the foreseeable. No dramas, we thought, we'll make one.

Virtual racing has typically been comparable to vegetarian bacon; it kinda tastes the same, but it ain't the same. We sought to change that, and create a race that was achievable and inclusive for the new crew, whilst competitive and challenging for the well-versed.